Mobile Home

A mobile or manufactured home is a home just like any other. It is a place to live and raise a family and just like any home you want to make sure that when unforeseen circumstances arise you and your family are protected. Harris Monti & McLaughlin Insurance knows that we are not just insuring houses but homes and peoples futures. That is why we offer many different packages to find something that fits the needs and budget of our New York clients.

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Making sure your mobile home stays protected

Like most insurance policies, there are different levels of protection when deciding on what insurance is best for you. Here are the three main forms of coverage to consider when insuring your mobile home.

The Structure

Fire, lightning, high winds, falling objects, explosions and more- there are many threats to your home and happiness. The policy covers not only the mobile home but also detached structures on your property such as a shed or standalone garage.

Personal Property

To make a home truly your own it needs to be marked by your personal stamp.

Décor, furniture, clothing, entertainment systems, electronics, appliances- these are things you have which give the atmosphere that this home is yours. Unfortunately vandalism, theft, fire and the like can take these things away from you. When this happens you will be relieved to know that financial help is just a call away.


Your property is your responsibility and that includes the people who visit it. If someone injures themselves on your property then they can claim you as being legally responsible for their injuries – leaving you with a hefty bill to pay. Liability insurance is there to help you pay for these expenses so that you don’t have to pay out of pocket. For a medical bill or a court case Harris Monti & McLaughlin Insurance’s mobile home liability insurance has you covered.

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